Paste a fcp or ncp city string into the box.
If desired, after the city string add whitespace seperated options (don't acutally put the quotes) such as "num_cottages=N" and/or "use_slots=N" to control the # of slots used (default 72) and best-effort cottages placed (default 0). the cottages are included in use_slots, so use_slots better be > than num_cottages -- generally at least 3x greater.
list of options in the form option=default
simple example:



advanced example, see output for some info on what all the options do:


use_slots=100 num_cottages=10 keep_extra_res_nodes=1 

(update note: prior versions would allow options before the city string, but this is no longer true)
(update note: all production values are now 300 as per the 2010.11.17 patch)
(update note: alpha version with food support. may be slow and wrong.)
(update note: new default values: num_cottages=0, keep_extra_res_nodes=1. for castles players: removed build_only_on_open=0 option and replaced it with build_on_nrs=1 and also_clear_castle=0. now, the placer *never* places on top of existing buildings, but will (optionally) place over exisitng NRs. also, the default options clear all buildings *except* the castle. in summary: it works better by default for cities with castles that you can't move/remove.)
(update note: adjusted fp rounding for res/h calculations to agree better with the game. some layouts may change slightly. most layouts will show slightly (+-30 per res) different calculated res/h)